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We understand the daily operations our customers, to offer the best solution available in the market

We take very seriously our customer´s needs. In many cases, our involvement has resulted in a long and meticulous investigation process in order to offer the best solutions in the market.

To make this possible, is necessary to really understand and observe the daily operations our customers, to offer the best solution available. Even in some cases, offering custom made solutions.

Therefore, our projects are full of innovation carried out by a team of engineers whose main passion is to find the best solutions for our customer’s needs.


Hydraulic structures positioner.

Hydraulic containers lifter.

Lintels positioner.

Dozer blades and winch conversion kits. Ministry of Defence Spain.

Concrete pillars transporter.

Lintels positioner.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) for A320 final assembly line. Airbus Defence & Space.

Eurofighter docking system. BAE Systems.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) for A380 final assembly line. Airbus Defence & Space.

Railway width changer. ADIF.

Portable sling for A400M HTP. Airbus Defence & Space.

Mobile engine testing station. National Institute of Aerospace Technics (INTA)

Winding equipment with constant tension for submarines.

Underground wells digger.

Guided hydraulic cylinder long height. Airbus Defence & Space.

Yacht extendable heliport.

HTP painting station. Airbus Defence & Space.

A330 - MRTT Tail Boom support maintenance platforms. Airbus Defence & Space.

Hydraulic lifting dome.

Engine maintenance platforms for C295. Airbus Defence & Space.

ERIS system handling tool. European Southern Organisation (ESO).

Hydraulic dampers for AJAX vehicle. General Dynamics.