About us


Hidráulica Langa S.L. was founded in Madrid in 1970, as a small workshop for the production and repair of hydraulic components. During the 70s, the company experienced great growth designing and manufacturing hydraulic systems for the civil, industrial and defense engineering sectors. At the beginning of the 80s, the company under the name of “Hidraulica Langa” was gaining experience and began to manufacture equipment where hydraulic systems had greater complexity and innovation, such as hydraulic scissor platforms, hydraulic lifts, and lifting and movement systems for large structures. Being part in 1985 of the design and manufacture of GSE for the F18 program, and for the aerospace industry, manufacturing hydraulic jacks. In 1988 Langa Industrial was founded with the objective of giving the company a greater industrial projection, resulting in a merger towards the end of the 90s, between “Hidraulica Langa” and Industrial Langa, giving rise to what we are today.

Since our beginnings we have been a family-owned company. Currently the second generation oversees the management, being the third one in the process of acquiring knowledge and training. This knowledge passed from generation to generation, transmitting principles and values from a hydraulic artisanal company, has allowed the company to position itself in the market as one of the main developers and producers of Ground Support Equipment based on the high-performance technology required in aerospace and defence sectors.

This whole process has been possible thanks to the great vision, strategy and adaptability of our founder Emilio Langa. He created Hidráulica Langa as a company dedicated to the industry of hydraulic systems mainly for civil engineering projects. From a small workshop based on mechanized and hydraulic services, built on long workdays, the company began to supply the Spanish Army with accessories for the armored vehicles, such as snow blade systems, sent to the Balkan war on a humanitarian mission.


Laying a solid foundation, all next efforts were focused on developing the technology company that we are today. This process was established with a great vision of market evolution and incorporating a group of professionals, enthusiasts and passionate about their job, with whom the first platforms, dozer blades for armored vehicles and special cylinders would be developed.

Great determination and creativity of the entire team, together with the excellent quality of their work, ensured a young company to find the opportunity to enter the international aerospace industry.

The vision of our board is to expand Langa Industrial throughout the world, a process that has now become a reality with the high effort and sacrifice that the entire company team is making with a single priority, the approach and maximum implication with customer satisfaction.


Since then, our company has specialized in developing solutions to address technical challenges of our customers and partners in aerospace and defence sectors, allowing our unceasingly growth for half a century.

In other words, we have gone by a machining workshop to an industrial company that is constantly evolving, concerned with its customers’ needs and basing its products on technology, which allows a full satisfaction with the performance of our equipment.

Despite all this and the fact that we continue redefining and developing our products, processes and services, we have always remained true with the core values of the founding family.

Key drivers of our company's growth, which makes us efficient and competitive, are our continuous improvement system, exhaustive scheduling, continuous renovation of our product portfolio and the commitment of our human team. Following these values has allowed us to get the trust of important private and government customers from the aerospace and defence industry all over the world.