Success in the test of the new air transportable loader A400M

June 14, 2021

Langa Industrial is delighted to announce the success in the test of its new air transportable loader for pallets carried out in one of the Airbus Defense & Space A400M transport aircraft of the Ala 31 of the Spanish Air Force.

This loader is specifically designed to operate on the A400M, the long-range military transport aircraft developed by Airbus. New model has a loading platform length of 12m and a load capacity of 13t, suitable for transporting the PREDATOR B recently acquired by the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

The test has been carried out by the Evaluation Cell of the Air Mobility (JMOVA) at their Zaragoza headquarters, in one of the 9 aircraft A400M that Ala 31 has.

For the development of this new pallet loader for irregular grounds, Langa Industrial engineering team has used the latest technical improvements and the most advanced software tools in the design of an automatic leveling system for the loading platform that allows the lifting through the access ramp of the airplane without losing horizontality. The equipment has proven to be able to facilitate cargo loading process, reducing time and increasing efficiency and safety.